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PetSmart, the place for healthier, happier pets, is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.  They also manage their PetSmart Charities from Phoenix.  Its the hub for an international company, serving pets and their owners. The company, though primarily seen as a retail pet supply store, is so much more. They offer grooming, boarding, daycare and training.  They also offer adoption services for pets and small household animals. PetSmart is the owner of PetsHotel, a place for pets with supervision and interaction with other pets, for dogs and cats, overnight and daycare.  It’s a company bigger than the retail store we’re used to seeing.




PetSmart originates back to 1986, under the name Petfood Warehouse. Jim and Janice Doughtrey open their first two stores under this name in 1987 in Arizona.  They believed in the idea of a pet food superstore.  In the next year, seven stores have opened under the chain name and the company already begins its charity of working with local animal welfare organizations and being involved in pet adoption clinics. Over the years, the name changes to PetSmart, many more stores open across the country, they become a publicly traded company, selling shares on the stock market, open veterinary clinics, offer a permanent in-store adoption clinic and move to birds, reptiles and other small animals.


The next decade brings the international growth the company sees.  PetSmart Charities forms independently to focus on the homeless pet population.  Over 1000 new stores are opened along with PetsHotel.  This change moves the store from the “mart” and into the “Smart.”  They want to offer full service for pets, not just shopping and adoption needs.


PetSmart Charities


PetSmart Charities works with local adoption organizations and donates to over 3,400 organizations.  They are most known for their Rescue Waggin’ program.  This program moves dogs from over populated areas to less populated areas, increasing the chance of adoption.




2002, PetSmart purchases PETsHOTELs from David Macksteller and Rodger Ford.  They began thie idea in Arizona of boarding for pets in a more caring, humane way. The hotel offers day boarding for dogs and cats as well as overnight boarding.  They offer play and socialization for their guests.


PetSmart is the company it was created to be, much bigger than probably imagined, but all encompassing as it should be.  A partnership with Banfield Animal Hospital, a doggie daycare, full service dog grooming, full adoption centers located onsite by pet welfare organizations, and producing its own line of pet food gives it the feel of its purpose.  PetSmart believes pets make us better people.  They sell that idea every day. They invest their own profits into animals and ask their customers to do the same through multiple giving avenues.  They’ve survived PETA accusations but not directed to them but their suppliers. PetSmart continues to grow in size and in ability but they keep working and investing in their Phoenix community, right where they started. This post about the PetSmart Corporation is brought to you by Mesa Towing Pros. If you need a tow in the Phoenix metro area and are looking for a “tow truck near me“, give them a call! They offer affordable rates and extremely quick response times.


If pets make us better people, then PetSmart is good people.

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